This policy applies for the web pages in the SIVIEWER domain, registered to and administered by SIVIEWER. SIVIEWER is not responsible for the behavior of operators of web pages that have the same name or domain, but which are not registered to SIVIEWER.

Automatically Collected Data Related to SIVIEWER Webpage Visits

This type of data does not include personal data regarding the page visitor. Instead, it includes data identifying his or her internet address and geographical region (IP address), time and date of the visit, length of time spent on the SIVIEWER pages, list of subpages visited within the SIVIEWER pages, list of pages/phrases/files searched for on the SIVIEWER pages, web browser used, operating system used, and monitor settings used. The data obtained is used for optimizing SIVIEWER's web presence.

Personal Data Provided by Visitor to SIVIEWER Web Pages

"Personal data" below means data relating to a particular person, that is, a person who can be identified directly or indirectly. SIVIEWER acquires only such data as must be available in order to perform the activities listed in this Policy.

Who May Access Personal Data; Personal Data Security

SIVIEWER takes due care to ensure that the types of data mentioned in this Policy are available only to those employees of SIVIEWER who must have access to it for activities to the benefit of the person who provided the data to SIVIEWER or to whom the data otherwise relates. “

The personal data that SIVIEWER acquires is stored on servers that are protected against unauthorized access. Sensitive portions of the SIVIEWER web pages may also be protected via a password defined by the visitor, who takes full responsibility for his or her behavior as regards password security and secure access to such protected areas. Personal data relating to payment via credit card is encrypted using modern techniques that make it impossible for outside parties to steal or abuse it. SIVIEWER cannot take responsibility for unauthorized access to personal data that occurs during data transfers made possible by security failures in non-SIVIEWER software. Such data transfers may take place when data is being delivered outside the structure that is under the exclusive control of SIVIEWER. Thus any person transferring personal data does so at their own risk.

Purposes for Which Personal Data Is Used

Personal data acquired by SIVIEWER is used in connection with activities that lead to outcomes requested by the visitor to the SIVIEWER web pages or achieved in connection with an agreement between SIVIEWER and the visitor. Typical activities include:

  • completing orders initiated by the customer via the SIVIEWER web pages

  • communication with a copy of a SIVIEWER product running on a user's computer for the purpose of automatic product updates that improve it or remove program errors

  • sending of informational materials containing necessary information and interesting facts related to the visitor's object of interest

  • Other appropriate telephone, postal, or e-mail communication

Public Areas of the SIVIEWER Web Pages

Public areas of the SIVIEWER web pages can include for example forums and mailing lists for which the visitor signs up using forms on the SIVIEWER web pages. It is the visitor's decision as to whether or not his or her personal data will be displayed in these public areas in the course of communication with other participants of said public areas.

What Data Do We Store? Why Do We Store It?

IP address of the requesting computer, date and time of the request, amount of data transferred, indication whether the access/retrieval was successful. The aforementioned data including IP address are stored for the duration of the communication process to enable the use of our website. In addition the IP address will be stored for a short period of time to help ensure IT security, especially to protect and defend our IT systems against abuse and attacks.


If this policy is substantively updated, we will update the text of this page and provide notice to you at by writing '(Updated)' next to the link to this page (in the footer) for a period of at least 30 days.